The Youth Life Foundation (YLF) is a Washington, DC based non-profit organization that was founded in 1988 by Pro Football Hall of Fame inductee and former Washington Redskins cornerback, Darrell Green, and his wife Jewell.

Early in his career, Darrell and his teammates spent time in the community attending youth activities in housing developments, churches and other facilities. He saw the struggles of people in those communities firsthand, particularly the circumstances of children. This left a lasting impression on him.

Driving home alone one cold night after a community Christmas party, Darrell was moved to tears at recollecting all he had witnessed: children with no warm clothes who were coping with insurmountable family, social and educational problems; who lacked a sense of family, social and educational skills, and moral values; and who saw no purpose in life and lacked hope.

On the spot, he vowed to step in and do within his power all that could be accomplished to make a difference. He and Jewell set out to create a safe environment—a place where children would receive guidance and hope; and where adults would share with them the educational, moral, and leadership tools they need for growth and success.

Through Darrell’s vision, YLF and its affiliate organizations around the country have created opportunities and positive turning points for children living in underserved communities for over 20 years.